pastured pigs shelter and eating pumpkins

Our animals

You can taste the difference in meat from an animal that was raised on grass. The animal literally got the chance to be an animal: chickens scratching at dirt, eating bugs and grass; pigs grazing on grasses and legumes, snoozing under their field shelter, wallowing in the mud. The meat will have more flavor because the animal ate a range of different natural foods, and because it had a chance to move around and develop its muscles.

Our animals are never fed growth hormones or synthetic, gmo feeds. They are not treated with antibiotics, as is common in large feedlot operations. Their natural diet of pasture, hay and organic grains means that you don't have to wonder about what you're putting into your body. Not only will you taste the difference when you eat pasture-raised meat, your body will thank you (and your kids and grandkids might, too).

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large black hog crosses at 4 months

Heritage pork

Our heritage breed hogs are raised and rotated on fresh pasture, providing the highest quality and most nutritious end product. They are supplemented with certified organic grain, fresh organic milk, acorns and garden vegetables.

Pork Packs available now - click here!

cornish rock cross pastured chickens

Pastured poultry

Contrary to popular advertising for eggs, chickens are not vegetarians! Our chickens and ducks are rotated on fresh pasture, allowing them to eat as many tasty bugs as they choose. They are supplemented with organic grain.

Sold out for 2018.

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belted galloway grass fed beef

Grass Fed Beef

Our beef is intensively rotated on fresh pastures and entirely grass fed and finished. We source our hay locally and it is never sprayed. This is the real deal!

Available in fall. $3.50/lb. hanging weight.

Contact us to be placed on our 2019 wait list.