Hoophouse Site

Last Saturday we received our 30’x48’ Zimmerman hoop house and guess what came along with it. Spring! Or so it seems. Since the delivery our low temperatures haven’t dipped below freezing and our highs have been in the mid 40’s and 50’s! What just a month ago felt like an impossible dream, to have our hoophouse up and running by mid April, now seems like reality. Dreaming of lettuces in spring, weeks of beautiful tomatoes, and a full 2-3 months added to the entire growing season!

If the weather holds, we’ll be leveling the site and tearing up sod this weekend. I’ll try to get all ground poles hammered in shortly after. Now the interesting part. To put up the hoops, the manual says “a loader or several men “ can do the job. I currently do not have a loader… or several men on the property. Therefore, if anyone (man or woman) is interested in helping assemble and/or set hoops on a Sunday in the near future, please send an email or give us a call!

We pay in mediocre, but cold, beer and mediocre, but hot, pizza (I apologize that it won’t be organic but rather from a local pizza place). From what I can tell, this isn’t exactly scientific engineering so having minimal experience is just fine. It is my hope that this will be a fun farm event that will enhance our operation and allow us to meet some people that might be interested in what we’re doing at Pine Grove Pastures.

While I doubt this will be necessary, I am going to cap the number of volunteers to the first 4-6 people. This is only because there won’t be enough jobs for more folks and I don’t want anyone to come out here and waste a beautiful day with nothing to do. That said, if you’d just like to stop out, see the farm and have some pizza, come on over!

If you like cold beer and hot pizza, come on out and let’s build a hoop house together!

Email pinegrovepastures@gmail.com or call 715-224-2395.