Pine Grove Pastures has been an ever evolving project for the last 5 years. We finally have the setup we need and the time to start our own small business. After kicking around a ton of ideas and experimenting with raising a good portion of our own food right here on our farm, we are ready to enter the market with micro greens.

These delicate baby vegetable and herb plants are at the height of their nutrition levels and at peak flavor when they are harvested shortly after developing their first set of true leaves. Micro greens can be used in a plethora of culinary applications. Sandwiches, soups, salads, and garnishes are just a few of the ways these tiny but powerful plants can be used to dress and freshen up many restaurant stand bys.  

What’s even better for a micro business like ours is that micro greens cannot be successfully produced and sold by restaurant suppliers due to their delicacy. It is essential that they are harvested and delivered on the same day due to their relatively short shelf life (5-7 days). Therefore, a local grower is really the only option for a progressive chef or restaurant owner to add these amazing greens to their menu.

Our hope is to sell a few pounds of micro greens to some local restaurants and start building relationships with them, opening the door to future growing endeavors. “Buy local’ is a phrase we have heard over and over again here in the north woods. With any luck, micro greens will appeal to our community and our dream farm venture will be off and running!